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Middle East & North Africa Aviation Day

Aviation, Together Toward Energizing the Future

MENA Aviation Day 2013This Aviation Day, organized in cooperation with Egypt Air, looked at aviation challenges in the Middle East & North Africa region.  

Despite regional political instability, natural disasters, and high fuel prices that continue to be a major source of cost fluctuations, the aviation industry continues to grow and thrive.The regional passenger and cargo growth in 2012 averaged 15%, by far the highest growth anywhere in the world. As a burgeoning region, the Middle East is changing the way the aviation sector conducts business – and is revolutionizing connectivity throughout the world.

Delegates who attended this event gained insight into the infrastructure challenges facing the industry, issues concerning air space; airport capacity; updating regulations; and efficient use of technology. They also had a chance to learn how to best leverage human capital in aviation, and how to overcome difficulties in recruitment and placement of local qualified human resources and became familiar with the methodologies to mitigate business continuity risks and action items to support the industry.




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