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Gearing up for NDC - what will it mean for your business?

The IATA Airlines International webinar, sponsored by NIIT Technologies gathered some 500 people and explored what a New Distribution Capability (NDC) environment will look like and what it means for your business.

Did you miss the webinar?

Access the recorded webinar held on Tuesday 28 January


  • Experience the latest live demonstration of the NDC standard
  • Discover how NDC is set to change the travel booking experience
  • Understand how airlines can enable dynamic pricing on a real-time, global scale
  • Recognize the importance of focusing on the value of a customer and not the value of a transaction
  • Gain an invaluable insight into the technology, software and systems that will be required to enable NDC

This webinar was broadcast in English.


Graham Newton    Graham Newton
Editor of Airlines International
Airlines International
 Yanik Hoyles    Yanik Hoyles
Head, NDC Program
Passenger, IATA
 Anil Batra    Anil Batra
Vice President Global Head - Travel, Transportation and Logistics
NIIT Technologies Ltd.
 Dieter Westermann Dieter Westermann
SVP Revenue Management & Pricing Strategies
Qatar Airways


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