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State of Air Transport Industry

Tony Tyler's full State of the Industry speech
Featured Videos
State of Air Transport Industry
Tony Tyler's full State of the Industry speech
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Tony Tyler interview - early AGM
Tony Tyler on EU-ETS, distribution and forecast
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Grabs pre-conference
Tony Tyler pre-conference interview
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B-roll & other media resources
Pre-conference b-roll
General vision - conference venue
00:01:30 Download HD   Download SD
Conference starts b-roll
Audience arriving
00:03:02 Download HD   Download SD
Opening press conference
Q&A with Tony Tyler
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Speech highlights
Tony Tyler State of the Industry speech quotes
00:08:42 Download HD   Download SD
Closing press conference
Q&A with Tony Tyler
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IATA Interview- Airline distribution
Aleks Popovich, SVP Industry IDFS - IATA
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IATA interview- Benefits of aviation
Brian Pearce, IATA's Chief Economist
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IATA interview-Safety
Gunther Matschnigg, SVP, Safety, Operations & Infrastructure, IATA
00:01:51 Download HD   Download SD
IATA interview Environment
Paul, Steele, Director Aviation Environment, IATA
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Speeches & Panels
State of IATA
Tony Tyler's speech on the state of IATA
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CEO insight debate
Airline CEOs and Economists discuss the outlook for 2012
00:41:50 Download HD   Download SD
Doing business in China
Taking advantage of China’s vast business potential
00:44:51 Download HD   Download SD
Airline distribution
Exploration of the airline distribution trends
01:01:09 Download HD   Download SD
The value of aviation
Arguments and tools to persuade governments of the value of aviation
00:41:56 Download HD   Download SD
Panel - social media
Social media strategies and best practices for air transport
00:51:23 Download HD   Download SD
Panel - biofuels
How to ensure long term production and distribution of sustainable biofuels
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