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Panel: Government Treatment of Commercial Aviation

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Most governments seem to appreciate that a healthy aviation industry has the potential to contribute positively in terms of social and economic development. And some governments actively support aviation in order to see this potential come to fruition.


But others, whether through punitive taxation of the re-regulation of commercial aviation in customer facing areas, are pursuing air transport policies that severely undermine the ability of airlines to deliver this potential.

This panel examined the varied treatment of commercial aviation by governments and tried to work out how best to establish a better government/commercial aviation relationship for the future.



Doug Lavin, IATA   Moderator: Doug Lavin
VP Member & External Relations, North America
  Marion Blakey   Marion Blakey
President & CEO
Aerospace Industries Association 
Brian Havel   Brian Havel
Dean of International Affairs
DePaul University College of Law 
  Andrew Herdman   Andrew Herdman
Association of Asia Pacific Airlines
Margus Rahuoja   Margus Rahuoja
Transport & Cabinet Member
European Commission


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