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Panel: Reputation

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Can we protect and improve it at the industry level?


Reputation: Can we protect and improve it at the industry level? The aviation industry provides the basic infrastructure for the globalized world in which we live.


It brings together technical, operational and service expertise to provide safe and efficient global mobility to some 3 billion passengers and deliver over 50 million tonnes of cargo.

Despite the value that aviation brings to modern life and commerce, it is subject to constraints in many markets—high taxes, reluctance to build infrastructure, onerous consumer rights regulation and operational restrictions among them.

Does aviation have a reputational problem? If so, what are the root causes? How can reputational issues be overcome in order to secure aviation’s ability to grow? How can we engage those who benefit from aviation to become advocates for aviation’s future? And are there industry level actions that can bolster aviation’s reputation?

These are some of the questions that our expert panel addressed.



Richard Quest, CNN  Richard Quest (Moderator)
International Business Correspondent
Alexandre de Juniac   Alexandre de Juniac
Chairman & CEO
Air France  
 Christopher Luxor
Christopher Luxor
Air New Zealand 
Rowena Olegario   Rowena Olegario
Senior Research Fellow
University of Oxford
David Rockland  David B. Rockland (Ph.D.)
Partner, Managing Director Global Research
Brian Terwilliger Brian Terwilliger
Film Producer/Director
Terwilliger Productions 



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