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Panel: Aircraft Manufacturers & Airlines: Partners?

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There are great historical examples of game-changing aircraft which have been developed on a handshake between a manufacturer and an airline CEO.

And most new aircraft launches tout close collaboration between aircraft manufacturers and their customers. But is this relationship really as good as it could be? And if not, what could be done to make it even better?  

This panel explored just how closely airlines and manufacturers collaborate, examined the drivers of the relationship, and looked to its potential future direction. There is an unavoidable mutual dependency and with fleets valued in the trillions of dollars and trillions more expected to be invested in new aircraft over the next decades, the airline/manufacturer relationship is one of the most critical in the commercial aviation industry. So it is in the interests of both parties to get it right!


  • Moderator: Max Kingsley-Jones, Executive Director, Flightglobal
  • Aengus Kelly, CEO, Aercap
  • Willie Walsh, CEO, IAG
  • Fabrice Bregier, President & CEO, Airbus
  • David Joyce, President & CEO, GE Aviation
  • Tim Clark, President, Emirates Airlines

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