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Panel: Meeting Consumer Demands

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Aviation has a history of major innovations, for example global distribution systems, loyalty programs, e-ticketing and most notably the ‘low cost model’. But some parts of the passenger experience have changed little over the last 40 years.  

The primary consumer drivers have traditionally been price and punctuality, but the ‘IATA Global Passenger Survey’ tells us that preferences, demands and expectations are evolving. Airlines are trying to meet these new demands, by re-looking at the constituent parts of the passenger experience; before, during and after flight. This panel will focus on what airlines ultimately need to do to keep their customers loyal…and win some new ones.


  • Moderator: Richard Quest, Moderator, International Business Correspondent, CNN
  • Alan Joyce, CEO, Qantas Airways Limited
  • Alex Cruz, CEO, Vueling
  • Lee McCabe, Global Head of Travel, Education & Consumer Services, Facebook
  • Philippe Chereque Chief Commercial & Technology Officer, American Express Global Business Travel
  • Jen Durkin, CEO, Project Travel

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