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Panel: Sustainable Growth

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By 2034 total passenger numbers are projected to reach 7.3 billion, more than double the 3.5 billion expected to fly this year. Massive infrastructure development is needed to meet this demand. The top 25 airports are planning $150 billion in investment over the next decade and it is expected that over US$ 120 billion will be spent on new ATM technology and systems.

But this still may not be enough. A major capacity crunch looms in some regions that could limit aviation’s ability to deliver its full social and economic value. And where new infrastructure is planned, the structures are not always in place to ensure that it is successful for both airlines and the infrastructure providers. This panel looked at where how win-win partnerships can ensure cost-efficient infrastructure at the right time and in the right place.


  • Emilio Gonzalez, Director, Miami-Dade Aviation Department
  • Richard Deakin, CEO, NATS 
  • Andres Conesa, CEO, AEROMEXICO
  • Michael Huerta, Administrator, Federal Aviation Administration
  • Chu Kwok Leung, CEO, Cathay Pacific
  • Mark Schwab, CEO, Star Alliance

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