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Addresses - Human Trafficking

Exact statistics are hard to come by, but it is thought that about 25 million people are living in modern slavery—the equivalent of the population of Australia. Most are women and children.

The speed and convenience of air transport is being misused by human traffickers. Modern slavery is an international crime affecting 160-plus countries. It is important, therefore, that airlines provide the eyes and ears to help stop this appalling crime.

IATA and its Member Airlines are supporting the fight against human trafficking in a number of ways. Many airlines are supporting the UNODC Blue Heart campaign, for example.

IATA also has the #eyesopen campaign that not only raises awareness of this crime but also provides such practical tools as guidance material for customer-facing airline staff. The vigilance and professionalism of airline staff can help prevent more people becoming victims of modern slavery and there are already examples of airline staff playing their part.

Moreover, the association is engaging with more than 90 governments and law enforcement agencies on clear and discrete reporting guidelines.

In sum, human trafficking is a global problem that needs a global response.

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