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Recent advancements in luggage technology have made great leaps, with the ability to self-propel or double as a scooter. New “smart” luggage can include a power bank for charging personal electronic devices, GPS tracking, and Bluetooth, RFID or wi-fi connectivity. Of course, these conveniences are powered by lithium batteries.

Operators should ensure that airport check-in and passenger services staff as well as cabin crew are aware of the restrictions that apply to the carriage of smart baggage. For example, all lithium batteries must comply with the power output limits set out in the Dangerous Goods Regulations. Power banks and spare lithium batteries must be removed from the smart bag before it can be loaded into an aircraft’s cargo compartment.

To alert passengers about these regulations, operators should include information on their websites as well as at ticket purchase and check-in counters, baggage drop-off areas, and boarding gates.

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