• Want to work in a
    growing industry?
    More than 300 million people will travel by air
    in Africa in 2035, 192 million more than today
  • Want to join one of the
    largest employment
    Travel and tourism industry in Africa
    employs 8 million people
  • Want a career that makes
    a difference to Africa?
    The travel and tourism industry generates more
    than $165.6 billion in GDP for Africa annually
  • Want to work in an industry
    that delivers on its promises?
    The top 10 fastest growing world markets,
    in percentage terms, over the
    next 20 years will be in Africa
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    Adamu Idris-Atola
    Studied at National Institute for Hospitality & Tourism Studies, Nigeria
    Foundation in Travel and Tourism Graduate
    Travel Agency Manager

The IATA Diploma in Travel Sales and Operations is an internationally-recognized qualification. Supported by a network of experienced Authorized Training Centers, this IATA diploma is the ticket to a world of career opportunities.
Be a part of a dynamic industry with a bright future.

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Be a part of a growing and exciting industry. According to IATA, the top 10 fastest growing aviation markets, in percentage terms, over the next 20 years will be in Africa.

These top 10 fastest growing markets are: Benin, Central African Republic, Guinea, Madagascar, Mali, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Togo, Uganda, and Zambia. Pushing this growth is the rise in Africa’s middle class and rapid urbanization across the continent. IATA expects passenger demand across the continent to grow by 7.5% in 2017. African states are joining forces to create regional airlines in their plan to enhance transportation links between neighboring countries and the rest of the world. More African airlines are partnering to fly long haul routes. It is no surprise that Africa is one of the fastest-growing tourism markets in the world.

Despite the massive opportunities provided by Africa’s abundant natural and cultural attractions, travel and tourism is still in its early stages. IATA Training provides the skills and knowledge for participants to spur and support its growth through an exciting career.

Skilled personnel are vital to ensuring that the continent reaps the benefits of African travel and tourism. International visitors to Africa spend billions of dollars. According to The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), the tourism sector in Africa directly contributes more than $70 billion to the continent’s GDP and employs more than 8 million people.

Africa employs nearly 8 million people in its travel and tourism industry. That number is growing, and growing quickly.
You can be a part of it too.

IATA Training provides the knowledge and skillset to work in this growing sector. Benefit from IATA’s career progression training by studying the Foundation in Travel and Tourism, Travel and Tourism Consultant and Managing the Travel Business courses. Together, these courses add up to the IATA Diploma in Travel Sales and Operations, a mark of well-rounded knowledge and skills, qualifying you to work in the travel industry. Designed for career path training, every facet of travel sales is covered, from service delivery basics to decision-making and management. Once you’re qualified, a number of employment options are within your reach. Work as a travel agent, a tour operator, an airline reservation and ticketing agent, an airport agent or even as a tourism marketer or strategist.

Set your career on the pathway to success!

The IATA Diploma in Travel Sales and Operations (DTSO) addresses the need for skilled resources in Africa’s travel and tourism industry. It develops relevant competencies and expertise.

The IATA DTSO is the umbrella diploma for these three courses:

Develop functional knowledge and skills for entry level employment:

  • Recommend travel products and services that meet customer needs
  • Use a GDS (Abacus [EN/FR], Amadeus [EN/FR], Galileo [EN/FR], or Sabre [EN/FR]) to create and manage travel itineraries
  • Display knowledge of world geography and destinations
  • Price journeys by air and interpret travel document data
  • Deliver satisfactory customer service with high customer retention

Develop knowledge of niche destinations and products as a specialist while improving your sales skills to turn prospects into loyal customers:

  • Study the most visited tourism destinations
  • Learn about niche travel products and services, including group and luxury travel
  • Process ticket exchanges and reissues
  • Discover the impact of industry regulations on your travel operations

Learn how to supervise and manage a travel business:

  • Initiate change and make sound business decisions based on effective coaching and negotiating strategies
  • Build your business with best practices in product development and marketing
  • Monitor the financial health of your business and adapt your business plan to new trends

IATA’s extensive network of Authorized Training Centers makes it easy to join the travel industry. Browse through the many locations in Africa and submit a study request.

Once you are enrolled at an IATA Authorized Training Center (ATC) near you, instructor support will help you earn your advanced IATA diploma by completing three courses within two years:

  • Foundation in Travel and Tourism (dispensé en français)
  • Travel and Tourism Consultant
  • Managing the Travel Business

Let us know when you complete the application form if there are no IATA Authorized Training Centers near you or if you wish to study independently.

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