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Passengers & IATA

Passengers & IATA

IATA works tirelessly to improve the travel experience for passengers. On this page, you will find out what IATA is doing to make your journey as safe, secure, efficient, and environmentally-friendly as possible. 

Before you fly

  • Visas, vaccines, customs: prepare for your trip with customized information from our travel center
  • Luggage: make sure to have it all right. Check the advice provided on cabin and checked luggage
  • Are you traveling with your pet or planning to ship your animal? Check out our pet corner for recommendations on the choice of a container and the preparation of the animal.

After your trip

Should you have experienced a problem on your flight, see the e-ticketing legal notice that lists your rights.

Further information can be found in these traveler frequently asked questions and passenger rights resources

The passenger experience of the future

This fun video provides a vision of what the end-to-end air travel experience can look like in just a few years' time.

Flying and the environment

Aviation produces around 2% of the world’s manmade CO2. We will be carbon neutral by 2020 and by 2050 we will reduce our carbon emissions by 50% compared with 2005.

More information on aviation and the environment at


Did you know?

Over 56 million people are employed worldwide in aviation and related tourism. Of this, 8.36 million people work directly in the aviation industry. Aviation is a critical factor in global economy. Fly on!

More figures that illustrate the impact of aviation on the global economy

Safety is our #1 priority

Every day, approximately 100,000 flights take to the sky and land without incident. In 2013 more than three billion people flew and there were 210 fatalities. Regrettably, this figure will be surpassed in 2014. But even so, getting on an aircraft is still among the safest activities that one can do.
See what IATA does to improve safety even further.

Passenger Rights - an important
policy issue

We support airlines in looking after their passengers with lobbying activities to harmonize legislations, and ensuring passenger protection without adding complexity to air transport.
Read more on our Passenger Rights policy activities. 

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