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IATA welcomes the outcomes of the 38th ICAO Assembly, which supported the development of multilateral agreements to liberalize ownership and control restrictions and air cargo services.

A fully liberalized industry regime will take years, if not decades, to achieve. In the meantime, countries should consider short-term actions to enhance connectivity and therefore the economic and social benefits of aviation. For example, airlines domiciled in states who have removed national ownership and control restrictions should be able to operate under existing bilateral air services agreements.

 Liberalization     In a tough economic environment, airlines can generate consumer benefits and become more viable businesses through innovative tie-ups. Franchising is yet another possible way forward. Governments should not stand in the way of these developments but should consider how the global and hypercompetitive nature of the airline business will require a consistent approach by competition authorities. Finally, liberalizing cargo services would facilitate the growth of air cargo and international trade and investment flows.

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Agenda for Freedom

The Agenda for Freedom initiative striving to give airlines the commercial freedom to operate like any other global business.


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