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Value of Aviation

This year the global airline industry will transport 3.78 billion passengers and 52.7 million tons of cargo. Worldwide, aviation supports jobs for 63 million people. It is the means to market for a third of the goods traded internationally.

Aviation also plays a unique role in connecting business to markets, uniting family and friends, bringing people together to solve problems, build understanding and develop global insights.​

To this end, IATA is actively promoting the value of aviation. Our goal is to partner with governments, businesses and consumers to create a shared understanding of the value that can be created from air travel - and how it can be enjoyed.

​Our hope is that this, in turn, will encourage governments to take a smarter regulation approach that maximizes aviation’s potential and allow it to fully contribute to world society as a force for good.

Value of Aviation campaign kit

Aviation is a catalyst for prosperity. We call it the business of freedom because it helps people to live better lives. To highlight this unique and vital role, we have created a series of six short video clips.  Access/download all Value of Aviation campaign video clips and share them on Social Media!


 Fast Facts

  • Every day 104,000 flights will take off an over 10 million passengers travel
  • 62.7 million jobs supported by aviation worldwide
  • Aviation represents $2.7 trillion in global economic impact (including direct, indirect, induced and tourism catalytic)
  • 3.5% of global GDP is supported by aviation

Find out more on the Aviation Benefits Beyond Borders website

Value for regions and countries

Africa Europe Latin America ASPAC Caribbean Country Reports

Airspace modernization in Europe will create massive benefits for Europe’s citizens. But progress towards a Single European Sky has been slow. To make progress without delay, we urgently need European nations, together with air navigation service providers and airlines, to develop National Airspace Strategies. See our movie and read some of the information below for more details.


Report from SEO Amsterdam Economics Research 

The report has calculated that the European economy will be boosted by EUR245 billion in 2035 if European airspace is modernized. The Report calculates the impact if the inefficiencies in European air traffic management (ATM), which include unnecessary route extensions of up to 50km and delays of around 10 minutes per flight, were eliminated. Europe has had a long-standing program, the Single European Sky (SES), aimed at eliminating these inefficiencies. Its targets include a reduction in environmental impact of 10%, a threefold increase in capacity, and a reduction of costs of 50%.

This project, however, is much delayed and is suffering from a lack of political leadership at national level. IATA has commissioned the SEO report to create a new momentum for delivering the SES goals. The aim is to involve stakeholder groups in key European markets who would particularly stand to benefit from the economic boost generated by a modernized ATM.

These groups include the hospitality and tourism sectors, the knowledge economy, trades unions, cultural and educational representatives, and manufacturing and service exporters.  It is hoped that together, the case can be made to re-invigorate the process of European ATM reform and modernization. The report & infographic

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