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Vision 2050 – Shaping Aviation’s Future

Vision 2050 was an exercise to identify long-term challenges and possible outcomes for the air transport industry. As the industry continues to grow, it must address issues of capacity, environment, safety, security and financial sustainability. To prepare the industry for the future, the Vision 2050 report was based on four pillars.

Vision 2050 pillars

  • Structuring for profitability 
  • Sufficient and efficient infrastructure 
  • Sustainable technology to power the industry 
  • Capability to meet the needs of the customer of the future

The first Vision 2050 meeting took place in February 2011 in Singapore. It was attended by some 35 strategic thinkers from around the world, representing all stakeholder groups, including governments, regulators, airlines, manufacturers, technologists, financiers, airports, air navigation service providers, labor and consumers.

The conclusions of this meeting were presented at IATA’s Annual General Meeting that took place in June 2011 in Singapore, where the full report (pdf) was published.


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