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Date: 19 December 2016

Statement: lATA and ICTS Settle Dispute

Amsterdam - The International Air Transport Association (IATA) and ICTS Europe Systems Limited (ICTS) have settled their dispute concerning use by ICTS of IATA's Timatic database and the Travel Information Manual (TIM).

The publication of travel documentation requirements for the benefit of the global air travel industry is one of the many products and services provided by IATA.  The information, which includes passport, visa and health requirements for international travel, is collected and verified by IATA through government sources and an extensive network of additional sources. The information is maintained in the Timatic database and distributed through the Timatic suite of solutions, as well as published in the TIM.

ICTS have created their own product, TravelDoc, which also offers information about passport and visa requirements to the air travel industry.  The information is collected and verified by ICTS through government sources and an extensive network of additional sources. The information is maintained in the TravelDoc database and published through the TravelDoc product.

IATA complained to ICTS in February 2014 about unauthorized use of some of IATA’s data and intellectual property in ICTS’s TravelDoc product.

Following extensive discussions, the parties acknowledged their respect for intellectual property rights in general and IATA's specific right to protect and defend its intellectual property rights in Timatic and TIM.  In full and final settlement of this dispute, ICTS has agreed to make a payment to IATA for any historic usage of TIM/Timatic database content and to implement additional procedures and controls in order to ensure that future sourcing of travel document requirements is derived independently from IATA's TIM/Timatic database. 

ICTS Europe Systems Limited will continue to be an IATA Strategic Partner, including in the area of Fast Travel.

This public statement has been issued jointly by IATA and ICTS Europe Systems Limited.

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