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Airline Disclosure Guides

​These Airline Disclosure Guides (ADGs) were compiled by the IATA Industry Accounting Working Group in association with KPMG. The ADGs cover the latest accounting practices, principally from airlines reporting under IFRS or its equivalents, to highlight key issues, judgments and disclosures made by airlines. They are designed to help in the development and analysis of airlines’ annual reports.


The airline industry is exposed to significant volatility in the price of fuel. Many airlines have risk management policies that include the use of derivative financial instruments to hedge these exposures. Derivative hedging strategies are also commonplace in the industry for foreign currency, interest rate and credit risks. This ADG examines the impact of IFRS 9 on the financial results of early adopters and provides practical accounting guidance for airlines.
Download ADG - Hedging - April 2016 (pdf)

Maintenance accounting

Airlines schedule their aircraft maintenance based on a combination of operating and regulatory requirements, fleet composition, and manufacturers' specifications.  Estimating the cost of maintenance on airframe, engines, auxiliary power units, landing gear and other aircraft parts is extremely challenging.  This ADG aims to review the common challenges faced by airlines and compares disclosed practice.
Download ADG maintenance accounting- April 2016 (pdf)

Aircraft acquisition cost and depreciation

The airline industry is capital intensive and the accounting for aircraft assets has a significant impact on  financial results. Accounting for aircraft acquisition and depreciation is complex. While IAS 16 provides clear accounting principles, their application to aircraft and related assets often requires judgment by airlines, which need to be revisited each reporting period. This ADG offers accounting guidance and observed practice under IFRS in relation to aircraft acquisition cost and depreciation.
Download ADG Aircraft acquisition cost & depreciation - April 2016 (pdf)

Segment reporting

Segment information provides financial statements users with the information needed to evaluate an entity’s business activities and economic environment. This guideline provides insights into current industry practice for segment reporting based on analysis of a sample of 17 entities that report under IFRS related frameworks.
Download ADG Segment reporting - April 2016 (pdf)

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