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IATA Alternative Fuels Report

The IATA Report on Alternative Fuels describes recent developments in alternative aviation fuels. Updated annually, this report includes:

  • Innovations in alternative aviation fuels
  • Fuel properties
  • Certification and flight trials
  • Greenhouse gas emissions and sustainability
  • Production capability, capacity and efficiency
  • Biofuel economics and their impact on Emissions Trading Schemes (ETS)

Download the 2015 alternative fuels report

Key Benefits:

Some alternative aviation fuels are now certified for use in commercial air travel. The report will guide the reader through the following:

  • Understanding the differences between the types of alternative fuels
  • Descriptions of newly certified fuels approved for use in aviation
  • Understanding the impact alternative fuels have on carbon emissions
  • Accounting for the economic impact that biofuels will have on the aviation industry

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