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Introducing the IATA Reader for Windows®

All of your favorite publications from IATA are being migrated to one simple platform: IATA Reader Windows®.​

The IATA Read​​er i​s free to download and install on any Windows® computer. This single application is replacing all of our standalone applications. When you purchase an IATA Reader publication document, there’s no need to install a new application on your computer. Just downloa​d the document, open it in IATA Reader and get to work!

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Document libraryInteract with multiple IATA publications, all within the IATA Reader. Jump to sections in other documents if you have them in your library.
Publication tabsKeep important content areas handy, or facilitate content comparisons by opening multiple IATA publications and multiple copies of publications at the same time. Drag tabs to rearrange publications, top/bottom, left/right, or split the viewable area in four.
Updates​IATA Reader checks for updates to publication documents, as well as to the Reader itself (with internet connection). When a publication update is available, download it within the IATA Reader. Or, an up-to-date publication document for use in the Reader may be downloaded at any time from the IATA downloads site.
Search​Locate the information you need quickly by searching across the publication document.
Revisions since last edition​Many IATA publications include reference marks within the content indicating what has been added, changed, or removed since the previous edition. The revisions are also typically grouped within a 'Revisions' or 'Changes' tab, for quick access.
Copy text​Copy portions of text from publications open in the IATA Reader to the Windows clipboard, for use in other documents.


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