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IATA publications for Windows® computers in one easy-to-use software

Install the IATA Read​​er once on any Windows® computer. When you purchase the 'Windows' format of an IATA publication, it's added as an individual document to your own, centralized digital library. There’s no need to install a new application... Just downloa​d the document, install it in IATA Reader, and get to work!

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Get the IATA Reader software

  1. Download/Save the IATA Reader setup file.
  2. Open/Run the setup file to install the IATA Reader application.
    Example: Microsoft Internet Explorer

    Example: Google Chrome

    NOTE: Installing software within your organization may require assistance from your IT Help Desk team.
  3. Once the IATA Reader is installed, get the IATA Reader User Guide or add a publication document. You will need a product activation key. When you purchase an IATA publication ('Windows' format) you'll receive a product key by email. IATA publications may be purchased from the IATA store.

Get the User Guide

An IATA Reader User Guide is available as a free publication. The User Guide provides full details on the software’s features, and offers a great way to test support for the IATA Reader in your computer environment as well. When you purchase the 'Windows' format of a publication (e.g. DGR, AHM, PSCRM, etc.), the download and activation procedure will be the same as with the User Guide. We encourage all customers interested in the 'Windows' format of IATA publications to install the Reader and get the Guide.

To get the IATA Reader User Guide, request a product key, then use the key to download and activate the document.

  1. Visit the IATA Publications Download site.
  2. Select the 'Download IATA Reader for Windows®' section.
  3. In the User Guide box, enter your email address, and click 'Get User Guide key'.
  4. An email will be sent, with your User Guide product key.
  5. Open the IATA Reader.
  6. Select the Download icon or select 'Add Publications' then 'Download…'
  7. Enter your User Guide key.
  8. The publication document will be downloaded and installed in the IATA Reader.
  9. The first time you open the publication you will be asked to activate. Use your product key to unlock the publication.


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