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Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS) Guide

The Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS) Guide for commercial aircraft operators has been jointly developed with ICAO and the International Federation of Airline Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA). It presents the common approach of pilots, regulators and operators to the complex issue of fatigue. 

Safe operations with optimum crew performance

The FRMS Implementation Guide includes valuable insight into the methodology and framework for implementing an effective fatigue risk management program and an explanation of the science supporting it.

The FRMS guide is available as a free download:

About Fatigue Risk Management

FRMS is a methodology based on scientific principles that will allow operators to manage the fatigue-related risks particular to their types of operations and context.  It provides a viable alternative to traditional prescriptive flight and duty time rules. Advancements in science have brought a better understanding of the correlation between fatigue and performance as well as fatigue mitigation methods. The FRMS Implementation Guide applies these advancements to enhance flight safety at a time when fatigue is increasingly cited as a contributing factor in accidents.

For more information about the FRMS guide, please contact FRMS@iata.org

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