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Fuel Fees & Charges Database

Compare fees with ease

In collaboration with a selected group of airline experts, IATA has developed the Fuel Fees and Charges Database. This unique web based application contains publicly available information on jet fuel fees at over 400 large and mid-sized airports around the world.

The Fuel Fees and Charges Database is the ideal tool to obtain and compare jet fuel related fees and other relevant information at different airports. The tool organizes the multitude of differently named fees into simplified categories to facilitate these comparisons.

Key features & benefits

  • Data on airport fuel fees, fuel infrastructure provider fee, storage fee, hydrant fee and fuel suppliers at airports
  • Data accuracy with regular updates and automatic notification of changes
  • Fuel fees organized into easy to understand categories
  • Advance search capabilities with multiple queries (by region, year or charge type)
  • Comparison of fuel related costs at different airports
  • Printable reports and data conversion to Microsoft Excel

Subscribe to the Fuel Fees and Charges Database and gain access to this user friendly fuel information tool to enhance your competitive advantage.

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