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IATA publications for multiple platforms & devices

IATA publications are making their way into a versatile new format. Get the titles you need and build your own library of IATA regulations, standards and references. Access the library anywhere, online or offline, from all popular platforms, on a variety of devices.​

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IATA publications in a new mobile format that makes it easier than ever for customers to access the content they need. The format offers the flexibility and convenience to access IATA titles from all popular platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android) across multiple devices (desktops, laptops and tablets), both online and offline.

The IATA publication is made available in an eBook reader solution called Bookshelf. Bookshelf Online is accessed through a browser. The publication can also be accessed with the Bookshelf software application, installed on a computer or tablet. When you get your first IATA Mobile publication you'll create a Bookshelf account, and use that account whether using Bookshelf Online or the Bookshelf application.

  • Online - Browser-based, no software to install. Chrome, Safari, Edge, IE, and Firefox are all supported.
  • Offline - There's an app (Bookshelf) for all popular platforms, including iOS.

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