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Monthly Traffic Statistics

Comprehensive traffic data at your fingertips

IATA offers you the timeliest reports for airline traffic monitoring, representing the entire industry and all regions:

  • Monthly Statistics – Traffic data for the Industry and by Region from 2010 onwards with  seasonally adjusted series, complemented with airline individual data
  • Monthly Historic Statistics – Traffic data per Region from 1990-2009
  • Monthly Statistics by Route - Traffic data per Route Area from 2010 onwards

The reports provide traffic figures for passenger and cargo markets, as well as an executive summary analyzing key industry trends from IATAs Chief Economist Office. Widely-used within and outside the industry, IATA’s Monthly Statistics Reports remain the top source for complete industry traffic data and trends.

IATA collecting the information first-hand from the airlines, Monthly Statistics is the most reliable and accurate source of monthly airline traffic.


  • Precise, absolute market size data for the entire air transport industry, as well as percentage growth rates
  • Data covers total markets for scheduled traffic and reflect all airlines
  • Global coverage of both passenger and cargo traffic
  • Data refer to actual traffic performed, rather than just based on schedules
  • Inclusion of both international and domestic markets
  • Statistics are calculated from a sample representing approximately 90% of global scheduled traffic, including both legacy and low-costs carriers, IATA member and non-member airlines, mixed and cargo-only operators, global and regional carriers
  • Airline variables for more than 130 carriers, providing a unique opportunity for analysts to benchmark individual carrier performances
  • Data delivered in user-friendly Excel format: Monthly Statistics delivered approximately 35 days after month closure and Monthly Statistics by Route 45 days after month closure        
  • Easy download, directly from IATA site
  • New metrics for Industry and Regional data: Passengers (PAX), Freight (FRT) and distinction between Premium class and Economy class

 IATA Monthly Statistics  - product specifications (pdf)


Product Details
Media: Enhanced Monthly Statistics
Edition: 12-month subscription
Language: English
Regular Price: US$ 9,600.00
Note: Original and seasonally adjusted series with passenger numbers per class and freight numbers
Product Details
Media: Monthly Statistics by Route
Edition: 12-month subscription
Language: English
Regular Price: US$ 4,999.00
Note: Monthly Statistics by Route Area, from 2010 onwards, in excel
Product Details
Media: Monthly Historic Statistics
Edition: Traffic data from 1990-2009
Language: English
Regular Price: US$ 2,999.00
Note: Web download excel report

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