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SkyZen is a new mobile app for passengers to monitor their health and wellbeing before, during and after a flight. Used in conjunction with a ‘Jawbone’ fitness wristband, the SkyZen app enables air travelers to view their activity and sleep patterns throughout the whole flight experience.

Helpful hints will enable users to improve their travel experience and combat jet lag when crossing time zones

SkyZen is free to download and use from the Apple ITunes store, and currently works with the Jawbone health tracker.

How does it work?

  • Once you have an Jawbone UP wristband, connect the SkyZen app to the UP App via the Partner App menu option
  • When you next fly, just add your flight into the SkyZen app and the SkyZen will read the Sleep and Activity data from the UP app and then overlay these insights on your flight activity
  • The reporting tools within SkyZen provide insights of your flights and activity


Skyzen app   Skyzen app   Skyzen app


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