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Do you need help with an IATA publication? Our full IATA Publications Support site includes the entire set of support articles, covering installation, activation and much more. Visit the site to get assistance with your IATA publication, and find details on how to contact us for further help.

IATA Publications for Windows®

I can't use automatic/online activation. How do I perform a manual/offline activation?

How do I deactivate/release a product key to transfer an IATA application to a new computer?

How do I download an IATA application setup/install file?

IATA Mobile Publications

Can I access my titles offline?

The titles may be used both online and offline. To use your title(s) offline, install the 'Bookshelf' e-Reader application. The application is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Internet access is required when opening a title for the first time on a device. Online use is with a browser.

I already use another e-Reader application. Can I open the IATA title(s) in there instead?

The IATA titles may only be viewed using either the Bookshelf app or a browser.


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