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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I move my IATA Windows format publication to a new computer?

As per the End User License Agreement (EULA), you can only activate an IATA single user/device license product on one computer. If you wish to transfer a publication to another computer, or if you need to upgrade your computer to a new operating system (same or different computer), you will need to deactivate the product key before you can use it again for activation.

Note 1: Uninstalling the IATA Reader will not deactivate the publication product key. The product key needs to be deactivated before moving to another computer.

Note 2: There is a limit for product key deactivation. Normally it is allowed for two deactivations. If you have reached the deactivation limit please submit a request via the IATA Customer Portal and provide the reason for the additional deactivation.

The process of moving a publication from an old computer to a new one has these major steps:

  1. Deactivate from the old computer
  2. Download and activate on the new computer

Deactivating in IATA Reader

You can deactivate your product from the Library:

  • Go to the Library section on the left;
  • On the tile of the product you want to deactivate, click the Options icon;
    Control panel icon
  • This will open the product's Control Panel;
  • On the Activation tab, select Deactivate Online.

Once the deactivation is complete, you will be able to activate the product on a new computer.

Download link expired

IATA download links expire after 30 days for single user license Windows format publications.

If you are presented with the message Download link is no longer valid, you can request a new download link.

  • Go to our Publications Downloads page
  • On the left side, select Download IATA Reader documents
  • Select your product in the list.
  • Enter your product key and email address
  • Click Validate
  • An email will be sent with a new download link

How do I activate an IATA Windows format publication?

Once installed, an IATA Windows format publication needs to be activated before it can be used. Activation requires a unique product key. When you purchase a publication, a product key is emailed to you.
Activation can be performed in online or offline mode.

Online Activation

Online/Automatic mode is the default and typically the fastest and most convenient. Use online activation when the computer has internet access, and the IATA Reader software is able to communicate with IATA's activation server.

Watch online activation

Offline Activation

Use offline/manual activation when the computer does not have internet access, or when an organization's IT security layers prevent the IATA Reader software from communicating with IATA's activation server.

Watch offline activation


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