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Total Airport Sim

The Total Airport Sim is a powerful, cost-effective and user-friendly airport simulation model. It has been developed based on years of airport planning experience worldwide.

Total Airport Sim overview

  • Users can simulate the total airport environment from the airspace, to (and through) the passenger terminal.
  • Total Airport Sim is a comprehensive solution that covers a wide variety of demand/capacity and level of service applications for the simulation of aircraft and passenger flows
  • Airspace, runway, apron, gate and passenger terminal studies can all be carried out using Total Airport Sim.


  • Integrated airspace/runway, passenger terminal and gate modules with data interchange capability under one system shell.
  • User-friendly graphics interface to build models and scenarios in minimal time and to view results, graphs and animations.
  • Built-in error verification and flow validation.
  • Easy to access reports and graphs.
  • Fast-time, variable speed or real-time simulation and animation.
  • Real scale aircraft and passenger capability.
  • Built-in expanded IATA level of service (LOS) space standards for queuing, circulating or standing; alternatively, site-specific LOS inputs may be used instead of the IATA defaults.
  • Level of service variations are identified during simulation runs by means of colored flags.
  • Built-in check-in counter requirements, including lists of possible connections for transfer passengers.
  • Planning schedules can be cloned automatically to reflect the airport forecasts.

Technical Features

  • Runs  on a PC system  operating  under  Windows 98/NT/2000/XP   
  • Overlays with standard DXF CAD airport layouts including demography, topography, INM noise contours, National Flight Data Center (NFDC)
  • INM 6.x interface

For more information on Total Airport Sim, please contact: consulting@iata.org 


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