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World Air Transport Statistics (WATS)

59th Edition 

WATS is the air transport industry's most comprehensive and up-to-date reference digest and offers extensive coverage of a wide range of critical industry issues.

Have a complete statistical picture of the airline industry in 2014 with the 59th edition of the World Air Transport Statistics (WATS). This digest draws from over half a century of experience to assemble the key figures of more than 200 airlines, including low cost carriers.

It now includes three appendices for your reference:

  • Airline Operations and Fleet
  • Airline Employees
  • Airline Financial Results

View WATS 59 Table of Contents (pdf)

WATS leverages valuable insider information

  • Demand for air transport: traffic operations, performance of major route areas, passenger and freight forecasts, world airport rankings 
  • Supply of air transport: capacity in terms of number of seats, number of scheduled flights by aircraft type
  • Performance of the airline industry: safety statistics, financial results, fuel performance
  • Airline rankings: top 100 airlines and alliance statistics; rankings in terms of international, domestic and total scheduled passengers, freight tonnes, passenger kilometres, number of employees and aircraft as well as by operating revenues and by operating profit. It now contains a total of eleven different rankings.
Designed for:

  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • Financial institutions
  • Consulting companies
  • Educational institutions
  • Aviation manufacturers
  • Technical staff​​

Key benefits

  • WATS is timely, published in June each year
  • WATS is detailed and comprehensive
  • WATS is accurate. The team works closely with its member airlines to ensure the quality of the data​​




Product Details
Media: World Air Transport Statistics - Book and poster
Edition: 59th
Language: English
Regular Price: US$825
Note: New enhanced with more data and rankings. Digest and poster.
Product Details
Media: WATS 59 eDataSeries - Webdownload
Edition: 59th
Language: English
Regular Price: US$2999
Note: Contains 10 year traffic review in Excel format plus the digest in PDF files.
Product Details
Media: WATS 59 - electronic version
Edition: 59th
Language: English
Regular Price: US$1350
Note: Contains the digest in PDF and one year Key Performance Indicators in Excel format


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