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Airlines International October 2013

Airlines International is IATA's flagship magazine, available in print, on tablets and online. Find out about the advertising options in the online version of the magazine.

In this issue:

Airlines International October 2013 cover

Global standards 
IATA's Director General & CEO editorial.

CEO interview - Air New Zealand
Christopher Luxon, Air New Zealand CEO, says the carrier’s innovations could have positive implications across the industry.

CEO interview - China Airlines
Sun Huang-Hsiang, Chairman of China Airlines, talks to Graham Newton about achieving sustainable growth in a volatile industry.

Special report: aviation consolidation
The United States started the deregulation ball rolling in 1978 but may not be the driving force in the future.

The age of Big Data
Unlocking the potential of Big Data and understanding customer ‘DNA’ is transforming airlines’ services.

Permanent tag bag
Efforts to roll out the permanent bag tag are gathering pace.

Carbon-neutral growth
The IATA resolution on carbon-neutral growth is a clear sign of the industry’s commitment to the environment.

Risk-based security
The mechanics of a risk-based security framework will allow the system to adjust to different threat levels and reduce the need for emergency amendments.

Soapbox: DePaul University College of Law
Brian F. Havel International Aviation Law Institute, DePaul University College of Law, Chicago.



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