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IATA Conferences

Ops Conference: cooperation, collaboration and harmonization

The Ops Conference, held in Kuala Lumpur 31 March – 2 April, attracted over 250 delegates. The conference themes were particularly apt in the wake of the tragic loss of MH370.

The incident itself did not overshadow the many important safety, operations and infrastructure topics debated at the conference, but it did provide strong emphasis on several aspects of the agenda.  In particular, it highlighted the urgent need for the aviation industry and governments to improve the tracking of aircraft and passenger data. IATA has convened an expert Task Force, which includes ICAO’s participation to ensure smooth coordination.

Other major themes dealt with at the conference, and endorsed by the 29th meeting of the Operations Committee held immediately after the conference, included using data to identify emerging operational risks, measures to improve runway safety, and the urgency of matching infrastructure capacity to aircraft capability in order to improve fuel efficiency.

8th World Cargo Symposium: setting new goals to transform the industry

During the Symposium, held in Los Angeles, 11-13 March 2014, IATA issued a new challenge of cutting transit times by 48 hours by 2020. This will not only increase the air cargo value proposition, but also enables the industry to arrest modal shift and drive new efficiencies for the business.


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