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IATA continues to strengthen partnerships and global collaboration with regulators and key industry stakeholders to make a positive contribution to keeping flying safe and secure.

Safety with GADM Project

IATA‘s new data driven approach for Safety based on the Global Aviation Data Management (GADM) has gained global recognition and resulted in new collaboration agreements:

  • Trend analysis program for the ALTA operators
  • Joint analysis of IOSA and Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA) Audits with European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)
  • Analysis of Traffic Collision Avoidance warnings (TCAS) with ICAO and Flight Safety Foundation
  • Identifications of critical safety trends with the Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST)
  • Partnerships with universities and companies with proven data processing and analysis

In addition, analysis results from the GADM warehouse have been utilized for:

  • Study of traffic management improvements together with the Brazilian CAA
  • Go-Around study for Europe with Eurocontrol
  • Implementation status of Multi Crew Licensing (MPL) with ICAO
  • Loss –of-Control in Flight initiative together with ICAO and other partners
  • Runway-Safety initiative together with ICAO, EASA, FAA, ACI and CANSO

GADM is processing data from more than 600 different sources, covering a unique spectrum of operational information including accidents & incidents, ground damages, maintenance, recorded flight data and audits.

Enhancing aviation and border security

Cyber security presents a threat of increasing significance and urgency. Accordingly, IATA, ICAO, ACI, CANSO, and ICCAIA have established an Industry High-Level Group (IHLG) to work on a common approach, strategy and roadmap to strengthen the aviation system’s resilience against cyber-attacks.

IATA is partnering with ACI and others on the Smart Security program, the goal of which is to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and passenger experience, at airport screening points-which are the single greatest source of passenger dissatisfaction.

The group is comprised of five states, five airlines and five airports. Two leading airports, London Heathrow and Amsterdam Schiphol, are deploying pilot programs this year, and Hamad International Airport in Qatar has also agreed to run a pilot program.


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