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Financial Monitor Podcast

IATA’s monthly Financial Monitor covers all the latest key metrics on the strength of the airline industry. From share prices to cash flow, yields to traffic demand and more, the financial monitor is the window on what is happening to the airline business.

Our Financial Monitor podcast gives us the opportunity to go into some of these charts in greater depth, with commentary from IATA’s economics team and special guests. Each month, we’ll cover the Monitor and other key economic developments from the world of commercial aviation.



 Financial Monitor MP3 (35 mn). To download, right-click the audio file link and select "Save as".

We begin 2018 with a look at developments behind the disparity in share price rises, the role of the dollar in passenger yield trends, and the spread in performance of premium-class travel. Read the full December 2017 report (pdf)

Presenter: Chris Goater, IATA Corporate Communications 
Financial Monitor commentary: Andrew Matters & David Oxley, IATA Economics
Special Guest: Brian Pearce, IATA Economics

Older podcasts

Financial Monitor Nov 2017  (mp3 - 36 mn)

The last podcast of 2017 brings us up to date with some of the Q4 data. It's been a strong year for airline shares, on the back of very strong traffic growth and a healthy global economy. Read the full November 2017 report (pdf)

Financial Monitor Oct 2017  (mp3 - 37 mn)

The first of the Q3 data is in, revealing another strong month for the airline industry. But oil continues to trend upwards and there are other cost concerns starting to emerge. Read the full October 2017 report (pdf).

Financial Monitor Sep 2017  (mp3 - 44 mn)

In September, share prices are up, demand is strong, and global economic growth is strengthening. However, are there any dark clouds to dampen the optimistic mood of the Financial Monitor podcast crew this month? Rising oil prices are one potential storm ahead. And IATA’s Chief Economist is on hand to warn against complacency. Read the full September 2017 report (pdf).

Financial Monitor Aug 2017  (mp3 - 36 mn)

Data from August generated a mixed picture for the airline industry in the latest Financial Monitor. In general, the fundamentals seem to be sound, but share prices have come off the boil and there remains a wide spread of performance between the strongest and weakest airlines in each region. Read the full August 2017 report (pdf).

Financial Monitor Jul 2017  (mp3 - 25 mn)

With Q2 results starting to come in, the latest Financial Monitor Podcast takes stock of the performance of the airline industry in the first half of 2017. There seems to be good news, with cost pressures under control while traffic growth and load factors power ahead. But what might be in store for the rest of the year? Read the full July 2017 report (pdf).

Financial Monitor Jun 2017  (mp3 - 17 mn)

The latest Financial Monitor Podcast delves into the reasons behind the stellar performance of airline share prices over the last year, despite a squeeze in margins in Q1. It also tackles the question on everyone’s mind - why are oil prices falling when there is tension in the Middle East, the global economy is improving and the US dollar is falling. Read the full June 2017 report (pdf).

Financial Monitor May 2017  (mp3 - 25 mn)

This month’s Financial Monitor Podcast focuses on the drivers of the positive investor sentiment towards airlines for the year to date. We also discuss the new forecast for 2017 industry profitability. Read the full May 2017 report (pdf).

Financial Monitor Apr 2017  (mp3 - 35 mn)

The latest Financial Monitor Podcast explores the reasons behind the share price rebound in much of the world during April, despite cost pressures on the industry increasing. Read the full April 2017 report (pdf).

Financial Monitor Mar 2017  (mp3 - 35 mn)

This month’s IATA Financial Monitor podcast looks at the reasons for the decline in US airline share prices despite a background of growing demand and good capacity discipline. And are we starting to see a turnaround for yields? Read the full March 2017 report (pdf)

Financial Monitor Feb 2017  (mp3 - 35 mn)

Profitability and share prices in the spotlight, as demand surges but yields continue to fall. And there’s a special focus on the resurgence in air cargo. Read the full February 2017 report (pdf).

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