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Analysis reports on competitive forces at play in airline industry.

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Airport Competition
This updated paper shows that airports enjoy significant market power in their local markets. Competitive forces are not strong enough to ensure a fair outcome for consumers. Robust and effective economic regulation is required.
Oct 2017   
Network vs. LCC competition and airfares: New US empirical evidence
by Prof. Jan K. Bruechner, Dr Darin Lee and Ethan Singer; When considering airline mergers, both the US Department of Justice and European Commission have relied on published studies from the 1990s which suggest based on the market structure of that .....
May 2010   
The competition effects of airline mergers and alliances
by Mike Tretheway, InterVISTAS Consulting Inc; The analysis of the potential competition effects of an airline merger or alliance often focuses on the change in average fare prices. However, this approach is fundamentally flawed. It should be broaden.....
Apr 2008   
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