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Analysis on benefits of innovations in airline ownership or operating structures.


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Benefits of Alliances and Joint Ventures
Research discussing potential for pro-competitive efficiency gains and benefits for consumers from airline alliances and joint ventures.
Jan 2012   
Revisiting Alliances
by Jan Brueckner, Darin Lee and Ethan Singer; Do airline alliances lead to lower fares for passengers or do they do more harm than good?
Oct 2010   
New business models to make airlines more strategic and agile
by Professor Nawal Taneja, Ohio State University; Noted futurists are envisioning a world of consumers, suppliers and societies that are radically different from the past. In this essay Professor Nawal Taneja considers that airlines, individually and.....
Aug 2008   
The competition effects of airline mergers and alliances
by Mike Tretheway, InterVISTAS Consulting Inc; The analysis of the potential competition effects of an airline merger or alliance often focuses on the change in average fare prices. However, this approach is fundamentally flawed. It should be broaden.....
Apr 2008   
Airline M&A activity: A new super-cycle or over-exuberance?
by Chris Tarry, CTAIRA; The last six months have seen an almost unprecedented focus on merger and acquisition activity in the airline industry. Despite the excitement, it is necessary to question where the value may arise from M&A activity. Size alon.....
Apr 2007   
Parochialism in international aviation: the paradox of airline ownership and control
by Dan Edwards, UK Civil Aviation Authority; The airline industry, in common with other major business sectors, is currently seeing a lot of speculation and proposals for mergers and acquisition activity. However, in contrast to other sectors such as.....
Jan 2007   
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