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The impact of 'Brexit' on UK Air Transport
‘Brexit’ is widely expected to present a significant shock to the UK economy and, by extension, to air travel demand as well.
Jun 2016   
FX impacts on airlines (Dec 2015)
The international nature of the aviation industry means that airlines are exposed to currency fluctuation risk. This paper outlines the ways in which FX changes can impact airlines – both directly and indirectly.
Dec 2015   
Global Air Passenger Markets: Riding Out Periods of Turbulence
The global air passenger market has proven remarkably resilient to market shocks in the past. Nonetheless, it should not be taken for granted that this resilience will be always automatic; a smarter regulatory approach is key to enabling the industry.....
Jun 2015 More details   
Forgone Economic Benefits from Airport Constraints
Airport capacity constraints intensify in 2035 – 1 in 10 people wishing to travel by air are unable to do so leading to lower productivity and damaging the economy.
Mar 2015   
Transforming Intra-African Connectivity: The Economic Benefits of Implementing the Yamoussoukro Decision (Report)
While many air markets between Africa and countries outside of Africa have been liberalized to a significant extent, most intra-African aviation markets remain largely closed, subject to restrictive bilateral agreements which limit the growth and dev.....
Jul 2014   
Transforming Intra-African Connectivity: The Economic Benefits of Implementing the Yamoussoukro Decision (Executive Summary)
Executive Summary of the "Transforming Intra-African Connectivity: The Economic Benefits of Implementing the Yamoussoukro Decision" report
Jul 2014   
IRESA noise tax can hinder Lazio competitiveness
Noise tax will damage the local economy by reducing air connectivity and harming competitiveness of the Lazio region
Jun 2014   
Benefits to Hong Kong from increasing airspace efficiency
Improving airspace efficiency in the Pearl River Delta makes economic and environmental sense. It can improve the efficiency of the air transport sector and strengthen Hong Kong’s competitiveness as a regional and global business center.
Apr 2014   
APD reduction - step in the right direction
Reducing APD burden is a step in the right direction but abolition is required to realize full potential of trade and investment benefits. Abolishing the tax could increase the size of the UK economy by £16 billion over the first three years followin.....
Mar 2014   
Air Travel Tax harms German economy
Air Travel Tax has adverse impacts in day-to-day functioning of the economy and will likely limit future business opportunities with emerging markets.
Mar 2014   
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