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Economic reports - Infrastructure

Analysis on best practice regulation of infrastructure assets and impact assessments of developments in charges regimes.


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Forgone Economic Benefits from Airport Constraints
Airport capacity constraints intensify in 2035 – 1 in 10 people wishing to travel by air are unable to do so leading to lower productivity and damaging the economy.
Mar 2015   
Benefits to Hong Kong from increasing airspace efficiency
Improving airspace efficiency in the Pearl River Delta makes economic and environmental sense. It can improve the efficiency of the air transport sector and strengthen Hong Kong’s competitiveness as a regional and global business center.
Apr 2014   
Airport Competition
This paper shows that airports enjoy significant market power in their local markets. Competitive forces are not strong enough to ensure a fair outcome for consumers. Robust and effective economic regulation is required.
Nov 2013   
Infrastructure costs
Airlines and passengers are estimated to have paid at least US$92.3 billion for the use of airport and air navigation infrastructure globally in 2011, equivalent to 14.4% of the cost of transport.
Mar 2013   
The impact on Senegal of removing the infrastructure development charge at Dakar airport
Rapport complet - version française
Jul 2013   
Inefficiency in European airspace
European airspace has pent-up inefficiency resulting in higher costs and lost time to consumers.
Dec 2013   
Impact of aeronautical tariff increase at Delhi airport
Major increase in aeronautical tariff depresses travel demand, damages local economy and knocks down airline revenues.
Apr 2012   
Understanding airport benchmarking
by Michael Tretheway and Ian Kincaid, InterVISTAS; Rising infrastructure charges are another current challenge and this essay looks at airport benchmarking, an important tool to spur efficiency and pricing improvements where the market or regulator i.....
May 2010   
Preparing for a more competitive airports sector
by Nick Fincham and Alina Jardine-Goad, UK CAA; Any mechanism to inject competitive pressures into the airports sector would produce better outcomes for airline and their customers. The breakup of BAA's ownership of the London and lowland Scotland ai.....
Feb 2010   
European policy perspectives from a former DGCA
by Peter Griffiths, former Director General UK CAA; Careful policy design in environment, infrastructure investment and avoiding trade protectionism will be vital to the ongoing success of the aviation industry in Europe.
May 2009   
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