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Passenger Data Exchange Database

Passenger and travel facilitation are cornerstones to enable a faster, seamless passenger throughput while enhancing security and improving cusomter experience and satisfaction.  IATA supports the development of a sustainable aviation industry through advocacy, standards setting, innovation and products in the area of Passenger Facilitation.

To enhance border control, security and intelligence capabilities, governments request airlines to transmit passenger data. Airlines already collect Passenger Name Records (PNR) for commercial purposes. In the case of Advanced Passenger Information (API) or interactive API, airlines are asked to capture additional information such as passport data, then to format it and transmit it electronically to government agencies. 

The most comprehensive source of API/PNR requirements

  • Understand API/PNR implementation status and plans for each country
  • Access the most up to date information on each country's API/PNR legislations and specifications
  • Ensure that you meet passenger data transmission requirements
  • Access to the IATA Facilitation extranet, participation in Facilitation monthly calls and discounts on Facilitation related training

To ensure the greatest possible accuracy and relevance, the content of this database is continuously updated through intensive collaboration across all stakeholders with a stake in passenger data exchange.

Find out how the Passenger Data Exchange Database can assist you in making sure that you are compliant with government requirements for API/PNR.

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