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Innovata the SRS Provider

Innovata, established in 1998, evolved from the rich experience of Dittler Brothers Incorporated (a specialty printing company) that managed travel schedule information since 1923. Dittler expanded its business to include airline timetables in 1950, creating a resource of people and technology that has continued to grow over the years. During its formation, Innovata integrated the software and systems that are used to collect, process and execute numerous critical quality and validity checks on airline schedules. Every member of the Innovata team comes with years of industry experience and knowledge.

Innovata's worldwide schedules database currently contains 99.9% of all Air Segment Kilometers flown by IATA airlines of which approximately 89.9% is refreshed weekly. This extensive airline content database is customized and formatted for distribution as specified by Innovata's clients, including SSIM. Innovata concentrates on producing comprehensive and accurate travel content available to travel suppliers and their intermediaries. Innovata continues to set and improve the standards for reliability, performance, and customer service for their airline industry partners.. Advanced relational databases operating on cost efficient hardware platforms ensure Innovata's ability to remain at the forefront of database management technology.

Innovata Products and Services
Innovata is the leading source of global travel content and integrated distribution solutions. We deliver this important information to our customers sorted and formatted to fit their applications and to benefit their customers. We provide worldwide airline schedules, hotel and rail schedule information to be used in Print (flight guides), Internet Timetable Displays (HTML and PDF), Personal Digital Assistants (both Palm and Pocket PC) and for timetable services accessed via smartphones, wireless PDA’s and RIM Blackberry devices.

  • Internet Timetable Display
    Innovata has the data and technical expertise to provide an Internet online timetable solution. We can customize the content for specific markets and maintain the data on our secure site for ease of updating. The only development required by our customers is a simple hyperlink.
  • Internet Mapping Displays
    A dynamic mapping service that displays all the routes served by an airport or the complete network for an airline, linked to Innovata’s hosted Internet timetable displays; thus providing a fully integrated timetable and mapping service.
  • Printed Flight Guides
    As the global leader in collecting, validating and distributing travel content, Innovata is the ideal choice for serving your printed timetable needs. We accept data in a variety of electronic formats and serve as a data repository for updating and maintenance. Our expert staff analyzes and validates the accuracy of the data so the final product appears in the best possible representation.
  • Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)
    Innovata currently delivers travel content to the Desktop / Laptop, and to Palm™ OS and Pocket PC Devices covering virtually every currently available PDA brand. We can deliver airline schedules, rail schedules, hotel property information and car rental locations.
  • Mobile Wireless Devices
    Innovata provides flight schedules, hotel property information, rail schedules and car rental locations to phones that support WAP (Wireless Application Protocol).

Read our SRS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to find out how to submit airline schedules for inclusion in the SRS and the Data Quality Assurance process performed by Innovata.

For more information visit Innovata or contact:

Global Business Development

London, UK  
Richard Thorne
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Atlanta, GA, USA
Deborah Edwards-Stover
+1 770 614 4916
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Regional Office Asia-Pacific

Jennifer Tan
+65 67 37 22 06
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