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Schedule Reference Service (SRS) Products

Designed for the airline industry, the SRS provides a comprehensive portfolio of services that fulfill the data requirements of airlines, Global Distribution Systems (GDSs), airports, and other data users.

Worldwide airline passenger and cargo schedules’ data Files in SSIM industry format containing all mandatory elements, all optional elements provided by submitting airlines, and Data Element Identifiers conforming to accurate data element positioning as defined in the Standard Schedules Information Manual (SSIM).

The worldwide airline passenger and cargo schedule data files can also be provided in non-standard formats and data layouts to meet specific customer’s needs (XML, Excel, tab delimited, etc.) through a variety of means (FTP, CD-ROM, e-mails, etc.).

The SRS database contains detailed information on passenger and cargo schedules from more than 900 airlines worldwide, representing more than 99.9% of the air segments flown every day.

Approximately 89.9%of the database is updated and refreshed every week.

Minimum Connect Time Files (MCT) containing airport and terminal standard MCTs as well as 53,000 airport and carrier-specific exceptions to standard IATA connecting times. MCT sample (xls)

Routing Connection Files (RCF), also referred to as ARCs, containing a list of single and double connection points for worldwide city pairs, based on carrier- specific requirements for submission on behalf of airlines to Worldspan and Travelsky.

Aircraft Seating Configuration Files containing comprehensive average seating layouts for all carriers and for all aircraft types contained in the SRS database.

SRS Analyser: an online tool designed to access SRS data on a desktop, for analysis, planning and development. Benefits from weekly SRS data updates. Find out more

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