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Successful EMD workshop in Beijing


As the deadline to eliminate vMCO/vMPD document is only months away, the sense of urgency for EMD implementation is gradually increasing. A joint IATA/Travelsky EMD workshop brought together 50 experts from 10 airlines in mainland China and Hong Kong.

Since the EMD standard is considered the industry fulfillment for ancillary services, in spite of certain local market constraints, all participants (including Travelsky) have reaffirmed their commitment to the implementation. In fact, most of the airline participants have either completed EMD direct sales capability and/or are able to deploy EMD in BSP China.

Due to the small volumes of virtual Multi-Coupon Orders (MCO) amd v Multi-Purpose Documents in markets outside of China, the speed for Chinese carriers implementing EMD has been slow. Many airlines raised their concern on their ability to deploy EMD in all overseas markets by end of year. Given the small volumes of vMCO/vMPD an alternative solution to replace these documents in case EMD is not ready, was made available for these carriers.

In conclusion, this workshop was a valuable opportunity for the IATA e-Services team to engage with Chinese airlines from a global perspective. As of August, almost 100 airlines worldwide have achieved at least EMD direct sales capability and 1.5 Million EMD had been issued through travel agents in 56 BSPs by 37 airlines.

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