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Over 50% of airline/airport data available in FT Matchmaker


The Fast Travel (FT) Matchmaker, an industry platform that provides airlines and airports with an easy and central location to manage, schedule and report implementation status worldwide, has now reached a critical mass of data.

Thanks to the contribution of carriers, today a total of 93 airlines have populated data to the system. In terms of airline/airport pairs, Matchmaker displays information of 5,349 locations which represents 53% of global pairs. These figures are significant considering that they cover 70% of global passengers. Despite having these data available, there is still a lot of work to be done to accomplish the Fast Travel vision: 80% of passengers to be offered a complete self-service suite based on IATA industry standards.

Fast Travel Matchmaker has developed a new functionality that incentivizes and rewards airlines who contribute data. Airlines having populated data covering more than 50% of their airports can run global reports on all airlines/airports enabling them to get a view of industry capability at their key airports.

If your airline or alliance has not logged into the Matchmaker yet but is interested in offering Fast Travel solutions to your passengers, it is now the right time to do it. Provide us with your data to assess your global capability and benchmark your potential here.

Fast Travel is addressing passenger demands for more choice, convenience and control through the following solutions: check-in, bags ready-to-go, document check, flight re-booking, self-boarding and bag recovery.

For information on the most advanced airports, please access the interactive map and click on each of the icons for details on Fast Travel solutions implemented. 


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