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InBag, the evolution of BIP



In the past decades, travel has become more global than ever and baggage handling has turn out to be a crucial element of the air transport industry.

Over the past four years, the Baggage Improvement Program (BIP) team provided the industry with solutions to reduce the rate of mishandled baggage. They conducted 80 one-to-one diagnosis visits and worked with 120 airports participating in the Self-Help program.

During the execution of the program, baggage mishandling fell by 53.2%. While BIP cannot claim to be solely responsible for this dramatic improvement in industry performance, it has clearly played a significant role.

Yet, why stop there while there is still room for improvement? The baggage team will pursue its effort in improving this specific area of the industry. BIP visits will still be available on a consultancy basis as of 2013, while we are now transitioning to “Innovation in baggage” (InBAG).

This new program will aim at:

  • Reducing mishandling further (in 2011, 1% of bags were still mishandled) the goal is to reduce this to 0.5% by 2016.
  • Improving efficiency by generating better processes and offering better passenger propositions
  • Enabling innovation by developing modern standards for baggage, thus additional ancillary services.

For more details on this project, please visit the InBAG site


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