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Going for the cube



 The Passenger and Airport Data Interchange (PADIS)  groups agree on partitioning and providing content classification of the future industry data model.

Last September, 42 delegates from airlines, airports, slot coordinators, Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) and IT providers attended PADIS Messaging Week in Annapolis to work together on the development of XML standards and communication protocols in the area of passenger services.

The Data Dictionary and Schema Coordination Committee held discussions overseeing the work of the Data Model and Tooling Focus Group.  The committee approved the requirements for the data model, the requirements being the result of months of careful work by the focus group.

Architecture of the model

The architecture is based on established international standards and enterprise architecture frameworks such as the Zachman Framework and TOGAF. The new architecture organizes the data model and formalizes the relationship between it and the business context in which it will operate. The structure determines the classification of the data model’s content in the following three dimensions:

  1. Architecture Pillars: There will be three architecture pillars for business, information and technology related content respectively.
  2. Level of Detail: Each pillar will be organized in four levels of detail as contextual, conceptual, logical and physical.
  3. Stakeholder Views: The focus will be on so called “operational stakeholder views” which will allow for viewing the model content from various operational perspectives such as Planning and Scheduling, Distribution or Airport operations. 

The committee also agreed on a roadmap towards further development and population of the model with data whilst the Data Model and Tooling Focus Group also held a one day meeting to dive into details.


Determining the right structure is critical to build a solid foundation for a model that is expected to improve data interoperability across the industry, and speed up delivery of modern data exchange standards. Airlines and industry IT providers - and particularly those with experience in enterprise architecture approach - are invited to contribute their knowledge and experiences.

Please contact PADIS Secretary for more information.


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