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NDC reaches major milestone

On 21 May, the US Department of Transportation (DoT) tentatively approved Resolution 787, the foundation documentation for NDC. IATA is looking forward to a final decision confirming the tentative approval early this summer. 

DoT’s tentative decision occurs as momentum continues to build for NDC. The travel management company Hogg Robinson Group stated that the “imminent arrival of the IATA NDC technology standards…could lead to the company assuming more of a role as a distributor”, while Skyscanner, one of the world’s leading travel metasearch companies, endorsed NDC in Tnooz.

As airlines, technology companies, travel agencies and other intermediaries look more and more closely at NDC, IATA’s role in facilitating industry adoption will become greater.

Areas of focus for the coming months to support adoption

  • Airline alignment sessions: IATA has completed five alignment sessions with another 11 planned over the next few months
  • Stakeholder engagement: IATA will continue to engage and work with partners across the air travel value chain to identify win-win opportunities for travelers and the industry
  • Pilot projects: IATA will continue to engage airlines to enable the NDC schemas to be tested in a live environment
  • Schemas: As soon as the latest version of schemas (which will include shopping, booking, payment & ticketing, servicing and interline) are validated this summer, IATA will make them available through
  • Communication: IATA will ensure that progress in standard development and market adoption is visible and easily accessible to all. So stay up to date on the status of pilots and the learnings through the NDC Blog

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