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Passenger Facilitation takes off


The Passenger Facilitation Working Group (PFWG) congratulates  ten  airports and their respective governments for having deployed Automated Border Control (ABC) in 2012. In addition, three airports took advantage of the free diagnosis offered to improve passenger flow at the security checkpoint.

IATA’s Passenger Facilitation program is addressing solutions in the areas of passenger data, security access and immigration aimed at facilitating a secure, seamless and efficient end-to-end passenger experience. The main updates reported so far by the project are the following:

Automated Border Control (ABC)

With international travel constantly growing, increasing throughput capacity is vital for border control authorities, airlines and airport operators. New technologies should be used not only to increase security but also to enhance convenience, e .g. to reduce time spent at border control. The following airports have deployed an ABC system in 2012: Bangkok, Jakarta, Prague, Charlotte, Denver, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Montreal, Marseille and Sofia.

Security Access Improvement

The aim of conducting airport diagnosis is to improve the passenger flow at security checkpoint with existing technology and infrastructure. The ultimate goal is to reduce queue length and waiting times which will facilitate a more efficient use of space and a deferment of infrastructure requirements and costs. We are in the process of coordinating airport visits for 2013. If your airport is interested in participating in a free diagnosis comprising no obligations, please contact :

For more information on Passenger Facilitation program, please visit this website.


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