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Security Access and Egress Acceleration Plan

Following the successful launch of the Security Access and Egress project two years ago, 20 airports have been visited, but the demand was much higher. In response to the high demand, IATA has committed to accelerate the program and commit to implement more resources. In addition, ACI and IATA have signed a MoU to work jointly on delivering the project.

Furthermore, ACI and IATA will work together to analyze passenger flows with the aim of increasing efficiency, throughput numbers and improving passenger satisfaction. This will be achieved by tackling elements that can be improved through passenger information, passenger identification, education and process re-design with minimal investment and while  maintaining the determined level of security.

The target for 2014 is to visit 80 airports worldwide that meet the following criteria: 

  • Airports that are already operating at maximum terminal capacity
  • Airports that have a centralized security checkpoint or a mix of gate screening and centralized screening
  • International airports
  • Airports that have a throughput which is below 200 passengers per hour
  • Airports that have more than one million departing and/or transit passengers

The engagement of airports and airports authorities is ongoing and over 30 airports have already expressed their intention to participate into the program.

If you are interested to be one of the 80 airports please do not hesitate to contact us:



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