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Smart Security - What's in a Name?

Formerly known as Checkpoint of the Future, Smart Security is now a joint IATA– Airport Council International (ACI) project, with the vision to improve the journey from curb to airside, where:

  • Passengers proceed through security checkpoints with minimal inconvenience
  • Security resources are allocated based on risk
  • Airport facilities can be optimized

The project aims to strengthen security while increasing operational efficiency and improving the passenger experience at airport security checkpoints. This will be achieved through the introduction of risk-based security concepts, advanced screening technologies, and process innovation. 

After successful testing of individual components, 2014 will see the first proof-of-concept pilots integrating multiple components into an operational checkpoint environment at selected airports. The pilots will be carried out at Amsterdam Schiphol and London Heathrow -  with active support of their respective regulators and home carriers. 

Smart Security Management Group (SSMG)

The project receives guidance and direction from the newly established Smart Security Management Group (SSMG) that comprises, in addition to IATA and ACI, fifteen government and industry representatives from around the globe. 

Smart Security Working Group (SSWG)

A Smart Security Working Group (SSWG) comprised of airlines, airports, government representatives, solution providers and academia is involved in the development of concept documentation, guidance materials and recommended practices.

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