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The rise of EMDs


The IATA e-services project celebrates the first milestone being achieved in 2012 by recording 20 EMD live airlines in BSP

As the end of the summer in the Northern hemisphere is approaching, there has been a great industry momentum to expand EMD usage to achieve 75% of passenger volumes by the end of 2012. Most notably, 63 airlines covering 54% of passenger volumes have achieved EMD capability and/or went live in IATA Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP). Specifically 20 airlines including Alitalia and Air Caraibes have begun issuing EMDs through 16 IATA BSPs. This achievement will further encourage airlines that are not yet EMD capable to follow those that have benefited from the industry standard on selling ancillary services.

In addition, during the months of July and August, five airlines declared to be EMD capable and two airlines issued EMDs through IATA BSPs. Overall, this growth helped to contribute to the millions of EMDs issued through direct salesand more than 210,000 EMDs issued in IATA BSPs. With the final sprint in sight to sunset Virtual Miscellaneous Charge Order (vMCO) and Virtual Multipurpose Document (vMPD),  the EMD penetration in BSP has reached 10%. This growth trend will continue to rise as more airlines recognize the benefits of EMDs and follow through on their implementation plans.

Finally, the e-services team would like to congratulate the airlines below for achieving their new EMD status in July and August and wish for their success in the future.

 EMD Capable

   EMD Live in IATA BSP

HR - Hahn Air Lines GmbH
MI - SilkAir (S) Pte. Ltd.
NX - Air Macau Company Limited
SQ - SIA - Singapore Airlines Ltd.
ZH - Shenzhen Airlines Co. Ltd.
AZ - Alitalia
TX - Air Caraibes

For further details on the status of airline IT providers and airline EMD implementation, please access the related documents on the e-services website.

Do not miss the latest discussions on EMD by following the EMD LinkedIn Group.


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