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Defining the Bag Tag of the Future


In a bold step towards bringing innovation to baggage, the permanent tag sub-working group is working towards defining the standards required for a permanent bag tag.

The innovative solutions being currently defined by the group entail the possibility for passengers to program their baggage tag from home, having the baggage accepted in existing airport infrastructure whilst offering enhanced tracking capabilities and service improvements for airlines.

This sub-working group is leading the industry in defining the standards (in the form of a Recommended Practice) for a permanent baggage tag that can be used in an interline environment and on any airline, regardless of the issuer of the tag.

These are some examples of how the group envisions the future permanent tag and gives an idea of how they might possibly look:


The Permanent tag sub-working group is formed by IATA member airlines and strategic partners from the industry. Their next gathering will take place at the Prague Airport on 7 October.

For additional information, please contact our baggage services team  or visit the InBag project page.


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