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EMD welcomes new joiners


  The e-services project goal to achieve 100% Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) usage in IATA BSPs by end of 2013 keeps on progressing by adding new capable airlines to the list.

One of the  most recent joiners, Comair migrated to the Sabre Sonic CSS system on 23 June and has since been successfully issuing EMDs in production for the fulfillment of prepaid baggage filed via ATPCO Optional Services .

Additionally, Siberia Airlines, Senegal Airlines and Air Algerie have also become EMD capable recently.

In June, a total of 58 airlines had issued their first EMD –representing 51.50% of global traffic volume -either on direct sales or via travel agency Global Distribution Systems (GDS). There are currently 14 IATA BSPs that have enabled EMD issuance.

IATA e-services goals are to facilitate ancillary revenue sales through all distribution channels by using the IATA EMD global industry standard. EMD is the latest and final step towards IATA’s e-travel paperless vision following the implementation of e-ticketing and Bar Coded Boarding Pass (BCBP).

For more info on the project, please visit the e-services page

If you or your company are involved in this process, you may wish to follow the interesting discussions that take place in the EMD LinkedIn group. If you have not registered yet, hurry up and join! 



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